Jack grew up close to nature and the great outdoors. His favorite way to travel was getting away from all the people and busyness of the world by throwing his gear together and heading out for an adventure. Whether it was camping out in the freezing cold at an elk camp, canoeing various rivers and lakes or going on a week long Lewis & Clark reenactment, Jack has done it all.



Ashely grew up with a family who loved road trips. While some of her trips took her to lake shore cabins or trailer camping trips, she mainly traveled across the US, reaching 25 states over her journeys. Somewhere between the desert lights, the ocean breeze and the miles upon miles of open road a deep rooted passion for travel took hold.

It was only appropriate then that these two adventures at heart fell in love in the forests of North Carolina, became engaged in the backwoods of Montana, and honeymooned in the warmth of the Arizona dessert.


Our Escapes was born early in the spring of 2012 as we began to map out our first summer of trips together. We were so excited to get out after a long winter and begin exploring! As we were planning we decided that what we were doing should be shared with others.

Our goal is to mix both of our travel styles and passions into a unique experience. Our travels take place both near and far from our Montana home as we venture out to discover the world together. We hope to share our adventures and tips with our readers as well as our failings and misadventures.