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Woodbine Falls

The grandeur of the lower falls.
The grandeur of the lower falls.

On our first afternoon at the campground Jack and I were restless to get out and see the country. We were saving our long hike for the next day so we decided to take the little jaunt up to view the waterfalls above the campground. The air was fresh and clean as we started and just chilly enough to be invigoratingly crisp. The hike itself is a short and easy one – the trail was created by the Forest Service- and it wasn’t long before the waterfalls came into sight. The view from the lookout point was neat as usual, but we climbed a little farther up to where we had gone last year. The view was better, the ledge to the right was steeper and no longer blocked by the nice rock wall like down at the lookout.

Unlike last year when we stood up here, Jack was in no hurry to get going so that we could get to the lake where he would then propose, so we decided to see if we could hike all the way up to the top of the falls. We had been told that it could be done, so we headed up the trail that would veer towards another ledge where you could see yourself becoming closer to the cascades before leading you back into the trees to head farther up.

Then the canyon was out of sight and the hike went farther into the trees and a little brook was now on our right. Little drops of rain warned that our sunny day could turn stormy at any time, but Jack assured me that we would just find some shelter (which at this point would have been easy) and continue on. Thankfully the rain never did come.

We emerged above both of the waterfalls.

After that Jack thought that we would be able to hike down along the waterfall without going across the small creek and be able to make it to the base of the top one. And, as is often the case, he was right.

It was one of the neatest places I have ever been, tucked in a little bowl with the waterfall crashing down right next to us. Jack navigated the slick rocks and gingerly made his way as close as he could to the cascade. I was so close that I was only able to get one good picture because my camera was trying to focus on the water droplets that coated the lens, he was so close that when he came back to the dry ground his jeans were soaked. Then, of course, it was my turn to be right next to it.

I’m not going to lie – it was kind of scary. One misstep, one slip and it would be in to the churning water that immediately turned into the large falls in the picture at the top of this post. But it was amazing, standing there getting drenched as the water splashed across the rocks down onto me.

At the BaseAshley at the Waterfall

After this we still wanted to see if we could get above the lower falls. Jack’s theory was that we could get to a point directly above it and look over it. So we headed off again and skirted around the edge of a point, looking way back at the view point we had left behind long ago. There were people down there looking up and I waved my arms, but they didn’t see me. So we kept going around the edge and looked over. You couldn’t see directly down onto it like we had hoped but the view from there was still spectacular and now the people below saw us and they all started waving at us. It was exhilarating.

The People Below
At the top center of the picture you can see the lookout.

The hike back down was quick and relaxing. Already we wanted to hike back up and rediscover everything we had just seen. The people who waved at us were still the same people that were standing in the lookout when we got back down.

Thank you for stumbling upon our blog. We hope that you take time to look around as we get started for our 2013 season! We have several great trips planned for this summer and we will probably have some spontaneous, last minute adventures as well! We have some “old haunts” to revisit and share with the world as well as some great new places on the docket for this summer. Meanwhile we will keep you all interested with some of our older stories and pictures until we get on our way a little later this spring.  Stay tuned for further information!


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