Cabin Fever has hit. Okay, it hit several months back if you really want to know, but the weather has not cooperated very well. But this last weekend we decided that we were done waiting. We were going out – even if it was just for the day. So without much planning we hit the road and found ourselves outside of Red Lodge, Montana.

The road was closed so we couldn’t go all the way up it, but there was a little pull off at a trailhead that said it went up to Basin Lake. Never having been there, but having our fishing gear handy we decided that it would be a good hike for us. It started out perfect – great views, some small waterfalls with ice bridges spanning across them, easy trek – but uphill enough that it gave our legs a good stretch.


I stopped to take some pictures and feeling a little artistic I knelt in the snow to get a better picture of a bright orange leaf.

“Don’t be stupid.” Jack, lovingly, chided me. “Now you will be wet and cold.”

But I wasn’t too worried.

The trouble came when we lost the trail under a little snow. Then we weren’t sure where to go and neither were the other two guys out hiking with their dogs. However, we did buy a GPS for days like these and after a little consultation with it, Jack assured me and the other two guys that up was the way to go.

Not a trail that inclined easily up though.


So up we went and I tried to keep positive by thinking what good exercise this was, rather than on focusing on the burn that told me that I should have been better at getting in shape for hiking season.

Once we did reach the top I realized we weren’t really on top of much, but the trail was supposed to be over the next crest – which was farther away than it looked.


Instead we found snow, but we kept pushing on. “The trail is just another 200 feet.” Jack assured me.

“This better be one heck of a lake.” I said as we continued up another crest.

But all we found was a maze of fallen trees and branches to climb over. And more snow. Soon it became so bad that the snow was thigh deep and I was thankful that Jack had made me put on my Under Armor before we headed out because my jeans were soaked through. My faith in the GPS was falling every moment and I wondered what would happen if we had to stay overnight. I realized how little we had thought to bring were that the case.

But I wasn’t too worried and I was determined to find the lake, despite Jack beginning to think that maybe we should head back – but sure as heck not the way that we came from.

To Be Continued…